At Mikes Worms, we farm more than your average number of worms and make them all available for agricultural use in a wide geographic area which includes all of Kansas and beyond.

Every day, during the season, we ship large pallets with worms regionally where they are needed to get into the soil and do their part aerating and spreading nutrients throughout the upper portion of the ground where conditions are ripe for the growth of plants.

Most companies that deal with lawns and gardens know the value of earthworms and Westminster Lawn Care Services (http://westminsterlawncareservices.com) in greater metropolitan Denver are no exception.

The senior environmentalists at Westminster Lawn Care Services had concluded that several of their clients properties were suffering from a reduction in earthworms due to a neglect in the understanding of the environment before Westminster Lawn Care Services had been brought in to analyze the situation.

The good folks at Westminster Lawn Care Services have always recognized the importance of worms in the process naturally aerating the soil and moving nutrients. And when a loss of these important worms seemed to hit areas of Colorado like a plague, Westminster Lawn Care Services reached out and sought Mike’s Worms to provide worm support.

Yes, there is such a thing!

Mike’s Worms came to the rescue. With acres of farmland devoted primarily to the cultivation of earth worms, it wasn’t hard for Mike’s Worms to come up with pallets and pallets of boxed worms for Westminster Lawn Care Services to spread along and among the farms of their client base.

What may have caused the blight that shot down the worm population in selected locations in Denver was no match for the good folks at both Westminster Lawn Care Services, and the providers of those healthy, fresh worms from Mike’s Worms in Wichita.

Wichita worms came from Kansas to Colorado, they survived the altitude shock and they began to do their thing in the soil around Denver. It was in a matter of just a few weeks that the little squirmers made a real and visible difference in the vitality of the landscape.

Things were looking a lot greener and healthier thanks to Westminster Lawn Care Services and Mike’s Worms!